How my college ennai “varuga varuga ena varavetradhu”

07 Sep

College – (I ‘visited’ there for only one year. But started enjoying my life there only. One of the places I love so much, may be coz I escaped in a year).

The first time I visited my college was to buy the application form.

I don’t remember why, but I was a bit frustrated (my guess is due to 2 hours traveling in 29C bus).

“Excuse me sir, vivekanada collegeku epaadi ponum?”

“Sorry-nga naan oorukku pudhusu”

“Anna – inga viveka college?”

“pch pch” (ivarukku theriyathaam. adha ipadithaan solluvaaru. Yenda vaaya thiradhu sonna aayusu koranjiduma?)

Then there was one fast food. (This place is a gift for all the students. One parotta 5 rs only. Unlimited side dish. Andru mudhal indru varai.)

I convinced myself that unless I buy something, this shop keeper also will give  “pch pch“ only.

“Dosai irukka anna?”

“Eveningdhanpa dosai poduvom”

“Vera enna irukku?”

“Mealsthanpa irukku. Lunchtimela!” (Enakku theriyatha athu)

“Mealslam venamna”

“Vera ethuvum ippo illa kelambuppa”

Well I couldn’t ask him about the college now, as I had not bought anything.

Fortunately for me – one boy came as a saviour.

“Hi.” (thirumbi Hi solluda)


“Viveka college-ah?” (Illanu sonna azhuthuruven)

“Illa verum application formthan vaanga vandhen”

“Oh – apdiya (thapichenda saami). Aamaa college enga irukku?”

“Oppositela paarunga – antha periya grill gatethan college entrance”


There is always a problem in watching movies. We tend to imagine more. I had imagined about the campus to be a place similar to paradise. Expectations Hurt – apdingarangale – adhukku artham annikithan purinjidhu.

(Kanavula Soppana Sundariye vandhaalum, nija vaazhkaiyila oru Soap vikkara ponnukooda nammala thirumbi paarka maatangala – antha maathiriyana oru feelingu).

“Ithu Vivekananda collegedhana?” – just sought a confirmation from a person (he looked like Dhanush – Karpooram sathiyam) standing at the entrance.

“Boarda paartha therilaya – ithuthaan” – (Etho manapaadam panni oppikira maadhiri sollittu poyittan. I think many students would have asked the same question to him).

In one idukku sandhu of a window – “Applications here” sign was put.

One Aranmanaikili Rajkiran was giving out the application forms.

“Oru form 100 rooba” (intha locationa paatha college fees-ey avalothanda therum paavigala)

“Onnu kodunga”

“Morninga? Eveninga?” (Dei mongoose mandaya – ithu afternoon da)

“Ayya enna kettinga?”

“Morninga? Eveninga? Seekiram sollupa”

“Puriyalanga? Inga rendu college irukka?”

“Morning college morningla nadakkum, evening college….” (Eveningla walking poguma?. Enna koduma sir ithu)

“Oru nimisham sir – veetla phone panni kettuttu solren”

After 3 missed calls, my mom called back.

“Inga morning, eveningnu rendu college irukkam? ethukku application vaangarathu ma?”

“Rendumey vaangidu – ethaavathu onnulayavathu kedaikkuthanu paarpom”

(Ennathu rendumeva – Aagaa – balance 100 roobava aataya potrulamnu nenacheney – padu paavinga ipadi keduthutanungale)

Back to the mangoose mandayan –

“rendumey kodunga sir”

“evalo nerampa? – lunch time – povenama?” (intha collegela kandippa ivan irukara varaikkum seravey koodathu saami..)

“Sorry sir.”

He gave two forms – one was in yellow colour, other one in light blue.

Intha rendu bit-notice kodukarathu periya collector vela. Anju varusham okkandhu padikkanum. Athulayum egathalatha paaru. Naan intha collegela mattum sernthen – kandippa onakku aapu vechittuthanda veliya poven.

On my way back –

“Boss, ithu Viveka collegedhana?”

 Now I understood why that Dhanush-boy gave that reply. This answering in frustration bit might make the person think that this college is full of nuts. And when he goes to that mongoose mandayan for application – he will definitely not have this college as his preference.

“Boarda paartha therilaya – ithuthaan”

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