Ithu verum aarRAMBAMdhaan

07 Sep

Me and my friends have been discussing for quite a long about starting a blog.

Well the first and basic question that we had to answer was a very tough one.

 “What will you write about?”

Honestly we had no idea. We just planned to start a blog, because many of our classmates (Scene sigamanigal) were having a blog, posting whatever they felt like, film reviews, cricket commentaries, football analysis and all those Bald Grandpa fell in a pond stories – with an ultimate aim of attaining popularity.

Inevitably our thinking was “Why this ‘Manamketta polappu’? Padichu urupudara vazhiya paaruda”

Yet one day, satan threw the apple at us. My friend’s dad bought a apple laptop, which he suttufied and brought to our place one day. One of the scene sigamanis was with us at that time and he asked us whether we have blogs.

“ Nope”

“Then why do you guys need a laptop man?”

Well forgive him please. He has never heard of PC Games I suppose.

Then he started grinding his stories about his blog, “You know how many mails I get everyday for my post. Daily aayiram commitments, aayiram engagements. Yet I blog (he is basically from Karumame Kannayinar Parambarai). You know why? We need recognition of some sort.”

Free advice, free advice.

“Machi we don’t have any recognition anywhere da” – one of the future sigamani.

Well we were not convinced with the Nothing is Better than Nonsense philosophy.

The scene sigamani was happy that he had dragged a bunch of appavis to the mini time machine. (Just sit on ur PC and turn on the net. You will realize even about your hunger only after 2 hours minimum).

We too decided to blog, atlast. (as Mister Virumandi Santhanam said –“Life ssstaartss with competition. Compete or die”).

We know we would never get astronaut’s pen from any of our professors, in this instance readers. Atleast we were planning to give a shot at the vengala kinnis, knowing one thing for certain that we will get the cup (obviously we were the pulla poochis, as depicted in the picture attached).

Now – Coming back to ‘our’ discussion.

3 or 4 times we just started with the topic and ended it with the first question.

The 5th time, we started with a positive frame of mind – simple – to skip the first question for the time being.

The second question almost buried our everlasting friendship.

“What should be the name of the blog?”

Starting from “ to; to”, we were able to find more answers for this question very easily. Annoyingly more I would say.

“If you are not going to keep Massheroes as the name, am not going to post anything. Naan aatathavuttu velagikkuren” – the first person to escape from blogging.

Then we chittu kulukki pottufied and decided on a name (I prefer not to say it).

Now the 3rd question – “Whether anyone will read our posts?”

“Be happy if none reads, coz if they do they may kaari thupify on our faces” – well this was a convincing yet a positive answer for that question.

Now we were forced to answer the first question.

We decided that each one will take a topic of our choice and then post them as we wish.

Well it dint work out.

Basically we were all somberis.

And to write for atleast 3 pages – Man you must be nuts seriously.

Mr. Sincere sigamani wrote atlast. It was about our school.

But he was Harichandra’s naalu-vitta naathanar paiyan. He had written abusively, yet whatever we had in our minds about all the “Kneel down on the floor” teachers and “Write 50 times imposition” HMs.

Yet we were afraid to post them. If it got leaked that it was this Kullanari kootam who had written we would be expelled, literally.

So the best solution was – “Sangatha kalaingada”.

After this we have not been in touch for sometime.

Later, after my schooling, during one of my visits to the nearby net centre (well I vaguely remember about Orkut now) to check the ‘scraps’, the previously mentioned Scene Sigamani was there. I never expected him to remember me. Unfortunately for me, he did. He was still blogging. I also learnt from him that my partners in crime were all busy blogging as well.

Now I had to answer the 4th question in my blog-life.

“So how is your blog going?”

“Almost started”

“You still got ways to go man” he said with a tone of arrogance, intentionally ofcourse.

So I had to take a vow that day – Naanum aagarenda Blog-writer.

But, fortunately or unfortunately I joined CA articleship after this meeting – so “I dint have the time to write” – the reason I used to give all the time. (The truth was I was a somberi. Not that I have changed myself now).

Now that my articleship is over, I am finding myself in a total-vetti mode all day. Hence decided to start a blog atlast.

So for me to edutha sabadham mudikka, I have started this blog.

This time – I dont have to answer or convince any of my friends over the name/topic/design/anything else.

Because Ithu en area.

 But ellarum ulla vaanga.
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