MUGAMOODI – Oru Sirippu Paarvai

07 Sep

Dhaadi vechavanlam Thiruvalluvarilla,
Mask pottavanlam Super-hero illa

First of all, I was very happy to see a Tamil Superhero.

After the ultimate disappointment of Kandasamy, I was expecting a well-planned and well-executed film in Mugamoodi. But expectations do hurt. “Starting ellam nallathan irunthuchu, but unkitta finishing seri illayeppa” endru kadhara veithuvittar Mr. Mysskin. Pantukku mela jettipottu, veetukku veedu thavunadhan super-herova? Thirundhungappa. Pudhusa think pannunga.

There are certain questions that come to our mind, which I guess will atleast be answered in any forthcoming films in this genre.

  • First point, Opening Title display of “Mugamoodi” itself is a copy from Marvel. Adang goyyale.
  • The MASTER and the VILLAIN. As per the plot, both of them are classmates under a kung-fu master, one turns bad and other turns invisible. But the selection of these two is not so matching. The Master looks quite older than the Villain, who looks like classmate of Jiva. Atleast they could have given him a beard and moustache to match the age of Master.
  •  Hero name – Bruce Lee. Ada dei, seri ozhinji pogattum. Next the Villain’s name – ANGUSAMY. Yennoda thalaivar Mr. Koundamani oru padathula sollirukar, “Rowdy perada ithu? Kuppusamy, Ramasamy, Munusamynu village levelaye irukeengaley? Oru John, David, Billa, Ranga indha madhiri irundha peru ketkumbodhu konjam Gethaa irukkum”. Adutha muraiyavathu en thalaivar sonnadha kettukonga.

    Idhuthan Terror face-ah?

  • Villain’s plan. Usually in a super-hero film, the Villain would be planning      something very very terrorizing that if he succeeds that world will end. But here the villain is just a ‘Jewellery Thief’. Yempa Angu, you could have easily planned for GRT Thangamaligai or Nathella Jewellery. Mandaimel kondai irundhal mattum pathathu, madhi vendum madhi Christopher Nolanai pola.

    Ithellam Oru plan?
    Idha thadukka oru Sooper-hero

  • What is the use of that ‘skeleton mask’ of Angu, when he removes it and shows his face to Mugamoodi at the hospital?
  • Next the climax. Until the climax I was under the impression that Angusamy’s character resembled Bane (Batman 3rd part) or some ‘serious’ villain. But in the climax, the director got confused and made him act like JOKER (Batman 2nd part) by giving him ‘comedy piece’ dialogues that makes him look like Vadivelu claiming “Naanum rowdythan”.
  • Next sodhappal is his final dialogue, “Batman! Spiderman! Superman! Ironman! Now Mugamoodi?” (that too more than once) gives an impression that this film is a ‘copy paste matter’. Yennadhan ‘suttalum’ adha veliya sollakoodathu boss. World sciencey theriyama irukeengale?
  • Avvalavu neram mangu mangunu adicha villainai, single shotla ‘gaali’ seigirar nam mugamoodi. Batman, Supermanlame final fightla 15-20 punching, kicking apramthan villaina pottuthalranungalama. Illa theriyamathan ketkaren neenga enna avalo periya appatuckera?
  • I agree that Tamil films require songs, but why songs that doesn’t fit into the sequence (not that there were many songs. Only two songs). The opening song also should have been avoided and the time consumed in it could have been utilized in more stunts and esp in the final fight. Hollywood rangekku feel panna mattum pathathu, adhai paathu develop aganum boss.
  • Why is the Thatha (Girish Karnad) given Sherlock Holmes dress in the climax? TamilNadu policeke dimikki kudutha Ninja fighters, Buffoon dress potta thatha actionla confuse aagi, Sherlock Holmes Thathavala ‘Shock’ aagidaranga. Ayyo paavam (audience).

  • HEROINE >>>>> than all other sodhappals. Yempa Mugamoodi, unga rangekku oru Asin, oru Thirisa, oru Nayandharava love panama, indha ponna yenunga sir love panninga? As per the script, the heroine is supposed to look like a ‘Brave Girl’, not a ‘Frustrated Girl’. Sanda podara madhiri reaction kudukka sonna, saaniya midhicha madhiri moonjiya vechikuthu.
  • Adhulayum 2 days mask pottu poitu, 3rd day T-shirt Jeansla ponaa andha ponnu odaney okay solliduma? Atleast andha ‘pant mel jetti’ dressodavachu poi ninna, ‘feeling’ vara possibilities irukkum.. Ada ponga boss neengalum unga love storyum.

Maybe the reason why Mugamoodi didnot reach Hollywood level

 But even if we can find these many flaws, We must really appreciate the efforts of Jiva and Narain (only the script fails him). Locations and stunts were awesome. Only the screenplay and script dragged the film from ‘Awesome’ to “Mosam’.

Namma Naattuku
Ore oru Super-hero podhum!!!

MORAL OF THE STORY – MUGAMOODI IS NONE OTHER THAN (story of) BATMAN+SPIDERMAN+SUPERMAN HIDDEN IN ONE kizhinjipona MUGAMOODI (mask), as claimed by Angusamy a.k.a the Villain.

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