The Weirdo Behind

Welcome to the world of Weirdos.

Hang on, this ain’t world, the world has more diversification, eh, and i am just one weirdo who is posting here, so it can’t be in plural as well.

OK, then how about this – “Welcome to the place of weirdo”

”Place??? – i am going nuts.. What did i teach you? Were you always searching for your pencil and eraser instead of listening to my preachings”

“eh sorry, looks like my Primary school English teacher is not so comfortable with it.

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – yes – how about this one – “WELCOME” – Simpler the better.

Yes thats it..


WELCOME ABOARD EVERYONE – I am Captain Weirdo, and yes Captain Witty Weirdo.

To know about me, its very simple if you know what ‘Procrastination’ means. Honestly, there is nothing more to say about me, a bit weird maybe for you 😉

Go ahead and read my posts, you might actually like them.


Also i would like to chat with other bloggers and get comments for my posts (both Critical and Complimentary). Do share them if you happen to like them.



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