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A Letter to Music Industry

My Dearest Music Industry,
How are you?
I know that you are in a very poor condition, but how come you are made to appear as if you are awesome to the mass. Anyways i have few questions for you and do expect your reply ASAP.
All these days, I was made to think Music is something for the Ears, Brain and Heart. Never knew it’s only for eyes. Can you explain me how eyes replaced the other 3? Whenever I go for a performance all I could see is stylish dresses in some fancy colors accompanied by bracelets, necklace, tonnes and tonnes of makeup, irrespective of gender and at times with laptops in front of them. Why the days where the main performer’s criteria was being musically and intellectually brilliant only accompanied by mind-blowing orchestra or some fantastic instrumentalist and not the cosmetics or laptops are gone?
When you said you are going to go global, I thought it was about publicizing your regional or national music all over the world, developing talents, acquiring various ideas and fit it to your style if possible. But why didn’t you tell me it is something to do with Currencies and not anything to do intellectually?
In this commercial world, i know it will be hard for you to survive without those currencies, but why have you made that as your primary objective?
When have you actually planned to appreciate sincere and talented musicians who actually ‘contribute’ to music, other than giving various awards to same bunch of over-hyped rats, who get you commercial success and only that. You actually think you can sustain in the years to come if this keeps happening. Let me tell you this – your current group of self-promoting commercialists who call themselves musicians, make the “Old Lady who accidentally fell into the river, which full of crocodiles, yelling SOMEBODY HELP ME” a better musician. Why don’t you actually promote those who deserve to be and not those who just claim to be? Why don’t you promote those who contribute to your growth and not their own?
With you migrating with films, I thought you will reach to all the people and create interest in them. But never had I thought it will be you who will be following the footsteps of film industry. Why have you decided to promote yourself in a filmy way? The result is this – “Kill the lyrics, anyone even care about those?” Now we have words from unknown language, unknown spelling and uncommon pronunciations. Why did you stop your awesome collaboration with words?
In this ready-made and instant world, I know it’s a bit tough to survive, but why should you allow some weird kids who have actually learnt only the basics pose as if they are the ones responsible for your survival, despite knowing that they are throwing you into the pits. Why don’t you slap them hard on their faces and yell at them to go back, work hard, get some discipline and then come back to give a try. When a course like Engineering, Law or Medicine take so many years of work and practice, why shouldn’t the musicians also try it that way? Why don’t you start music as a course from school itself, rather than taking it as pastime? (Of course am not talking about the prodigies. But what you must understand is being a prodigy is something different from posing as a prodigy).
And then there is this “its in his genes” musicians. Even though that boy or girl is not interested in being a musician, parents who unfortunately happen to be some senior musician, try to promote them. Why don’t you actually fix some basic qualification for performing publicly, instead of just arguing that we get better ‘ticket sales’?
And then your so called fans who consider listening to classical music just for the sake of putting one FB status that they have attended this wonderful concert performed by this awesome person and not for the sake of joy and pleasure they derive from it.
Why is it hard for you to understand that you are not healthy because the Fans, who just sit in the concert hall with equal make-up and jewels that the artist put on, have their minds on the canteen or on other listeners, who have come with a better makeup.
These fans will simply walk away during percussion solos claiming that its too complicated to understand (I doubt their capability to understand ragas/tunes as well) and not on your music.
They try to rate an artist’s performance depending on the attendance or on the number of titles and awards that artist had been conferred with. What a qualitative approach indeed. If quality of a book is to be determined by the number of readers, you know which book will get the highest rating, what the ****.
                                                                                                                                                                          A sincere request to you from your lover, who is now at the highest point of irritation coz of what is happening to you. There are few musicians, few directors, few accompanists, and few fans left who actually care about you. Why don’t you try promoting such artists, recognize actual talent, and give preference to suggestions from these fans.
Yours Painfully,
Witty Weirdo.

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