That one hour with my DREAM-SELF

Atleast 0.00000001% in the world of blog-readers would have noticed that I have changed my blog name. The reason behind it by itself is a weird one (maybe that’s why I named it so). But that is not something worth writing about or even worth wasting your time. Instead, I could simply write a thesis on “Photosynthesis” (the only word I still remember from my school science), and you guys too can easily have ROFLs and LMAOs by hearing a Justin Bieber song. The least I can guarantee you in this post is that it will definitely be better than his singing.

Having named the blog as a ‘weird’ one, I prefer to write about one of my weirdest experiences, but hang on; I guess all my posts until now are weird enough for the ordinary Homosapiens, aren’t they?

During my college days, I rarely went to college. I guess this aint that strange as most of the students would have bunked their classes. There was a day when, I actually went to my college, but due to overnight gaming of FIFA 08 in my PC I suppose, I felt terribly bad and sleepy. I just thought of playing a game in my mobile in order to stay awake. But by the time the first hour professor entered the class, I was already in my dreamland, searching for that dream girl (I still feel that dream girl a.k.a soppana sundari’s existence can never be found out, despite the search being initiated in the karagatakaran movie two decades back). But what is weird was my dream.

Why on earth my dreamself too was going to my college that too with an objective of finding that dream girl, given the fact that my college was not a co-ed. This is a question that always pops up in my mind whenever I think about this incident, but something I can never answer or understand. Yes I was seeing myself in my dream. Wait a minute, how is that possible? Anything is possible in dreams. So here is an interaction between myself and my dreamself.

My dreamself was roaming everywhere in my college, even played a badminton match with few guys, whose face I knew for sure I have never seen or will ever see in my life. Suddenly I saw one of my professors about to enter my class. My dreamself was not in my class and I noticed he was playing during class hour, the fate of which is the loss of attendance, which obviously no student would want, irrespective of whether he attends the college regularly or not.

Within a split second he was in my classroom, I donno how, guess as it was a dream, he assumed the role of ‘flash’ (superhero) as well. The prof was calling out names for attendance and strangely he missed out my name and my dreamself was least bothered about it. I was telling to my dreamself to go and ask for it, but he simply refused to listen to me. He was just idle. When I saw around, all my friends were idle as well, which is again was a weird thing. It was like everything was just unreal or something serious was going on which I have not noticed.

Suddenly I felt everything to be very quiet. Peace was something even sages long for years. Here I was sitting beside my dreamself, with peace next to me. Yes you read it right. Peace was sitting next to me. Then a beautiful melody came from nowhere for a few seconds and once again silence took the stage. Peace was suddenly laughing at me. I couldn’t guess why, but it was a bit annoying. Before I could grab this peace-piece, I saw someone taking it away. I was a bit confused for a moment and then I started thinking logically. Peace is an abstract noun. It does not have a form. (I could now vaguely remember what my middle school grammar teacher told me). But the other part of my mind simply refused to see logic; of course I did see peace sitting beside me, laughing at me and also someone walking away with it in front of my eyes.

Now I could hear some voice. Yes it’s my prof. Wait what’s he saying?

“Keep your papers and pen ready. Your internal test on macro economics will be in a minute.”

“What the ****????”

I noticed that all my pals were ready with their stationeries. But my dreamself, he was still idle. He looked like he was in a deep thought and I really felt uncomfortable bringing him back to reality and make him write the test like others.

“Come on dude, the test has started. You too write something”

“Dude wait, I am thinking about something very important”. I was stunned at that moment, since this was the same phrase I always used to tell whenever someone notices me doing nothing.

“Well you know that I know what it is actually about. Why don’t you start writing? Scribble something”.

“Chill down. What are we going to do with these marks, when it is only the corrupt that rule the world? Why don’t we discuss about starting a campaign against this instead of writing about some stupid stuff just for the sake of 5 marks in internals?”

I knew I was defeated. I could never answer that. Memorising a couple of pages and writing it in your tests make you feel like Einstein’s contemporary who still lives. But how those couple of pages will be related to your work, your country, and your life is something what we ought to think about. The Calvin and Hobbes quote on education system in a daily newspaper flashed in my mind

Calvin on Education system – “As you can see, I have memorized this utterly useless piece of information long enough to pass a test question. I now intend to forget it forever. You’ve taught me nothing except how to cynically manipulate the system. Congratulations.”


The worst part is when you hear such teachers, who ask you to memorise claim, “Satisfaction of teaching makes up for the pay” (again C&H quote). I vaguely remember you ‘teaching’ Master Memory Pill.

I could have easily said ok to my dreamself, but there was a little portion in my brain that thought practically.

After arguing, ordering and inevitably pleading, I convinced him to scribble something.

But before he could start, the bell rang. What the *************..

I couldn’t bear the thought that I gave up my ego to my dreamself for nothing.

Someone hit my back and I was there in my class, only now realizing that I was indeed sleeping for the whole of first hour and all my friends were simply laughing at me.

 When I enquired them, I came to know few shocking things

  • I was sleeping from the first minute and the Prof saw me sleeping even before his entry and that’s why he didn’t call out my name for attendance.
  • It was the Prof himself who was sitting beside me and not peace.
  • The beautiful melody that came from nowhere was my Mobile phone’s ringtone (I had forgotten to keep it in silent mode).
  • He took my mobile with him (and obviously with it, My Precious Peace) and it was my friends who were laughing and not the peace.
  • He had actually conducted the test on Macro Economics and I am to get a beautiful 0 for it.

They were laughing at me for like for another ten minutes without break, and once they finished up I started preaching them what my dreamself taught me about ‘real education’.

“Chill down guys. What are we going to do with these marks, when it is only the corrupt that rule the world? Why don’t we discuss about starting a campaign against this instead of writing about some stupid stuff just for the sake of 5 marks in internals?”

And this time my practical part of the brain too accepted my statement.

Blimey, no one can ever imagine what your dreams can bring to your life.

PS – As a result of sleeping in the class, My Prof told me to write about the same two pages on Macro Economics 25 times, which I never did.

PS2  – If you couldnt understand the first part, read it again, you might understand it.


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